Town & Country Planning is an area of the market that can substantially enhance value or protect assets.  Often this has been a fast changing environment due to legislation and precedents and is invariably potentially complex and expensive. This is especially applicable now with the new Localism Act 2012.

We advise on change of use applications and  provide advice to occupiers.   For example, we can advise purchasers buying for their own use but who also see potential for alternative future use:  e.g. an older industrial property within a residential area. Examples can be illustrated within the Wellingborough, Rushden, Kettering and Corby area, where for example, we achieved a change of use in Finedon to add value.

We can recommend Planning Advisors for detailed or long time frame work such as bringing forward  strategic land. John’s successes in this area include land owned by the Whitbread Trust in Bedford, and also Whitworths in Irthingborough, Northants, together with the Enterpise Zones of Wellingborough and Corby.

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