Property Management

  • Although we not provide a day to day property management service as such, we can advise on the strategic management of property portfolios and individual properties in Wellingborough, Rushden, Kettering and Corby.  We advise on likely opportunities to improve the asset(s) or to  realise cash from such asset(s) where we believe it may be better to reinvest elsewhere.
  • We also provide a property management perspective in relation to property repairs, dilapidations and building consultancy;  for example, on new developments to make sure that the property is built on time and within budget .
  • We can advise on a programme of works to enhance value or protect your position if you are a tenant.  In this way, for example, tenants can minimise future costs where they have an ultimate liability for repairs.

Please ring us on  01536 330100 or contact  [email protected]