Business Relocation

We advise on the specialist field of relocation  based on over 25 years experience since advising clients on moves to Wellingborough and Corby in the Enterprise Zone days.

We can identify potential reasons for relocation such as growth, cost, personnel, rationalisation, communications etc. within North Northamptonshire and recommend professionals for any specialist issues such as  redundancies.

We can report on the quantitative v qualitative issues and assist in recruitment and staff locally again through local advisors.

We advise on the financial implications, such as:

  • costs/price of property
  • identifiying the right location within the relocation
  • advise on financial issues  such as grants, loans, taxation of incentives, and cost benefit models.

We can help with any information or visits within the Wellingborough, Rushden, Kettering and Corby area that you and your staff may require.

We can advise on space planning, building specifications, alterations and funding amongst other disciplines, such as search and acquisition on the most favourable terms

Examples of successful relocation project involvement include:   Johnson Press Plc and EMAP (the Evening Telegraph) in Kettering

We can also provide check lists etc. of all the matters that need consideration when considering a relocation which are available on request.

Please ring us on  01536 330100 or contact  [email protected]